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You Who Are Sleeping On the Train Untamed by Cyberwalk

  An erotic fantasy etched between the droplets of cool rain falling down upon a lush green, yet mud splattered valley with hills in the backdrop and an abandoned cottage in the middle of nowhere. Darjeeling tea and warm cookies await.     To you who are sleeping on the train, unknown, untamed, un-claimed; untouched but by the pain that lingered on your sleeping lips as you sit by the window and the rain, to you I write these words so you may suffer them, as I have suffered yourRead More

A Gift Name Doc by anarchy0029 (@anarchy0029)

Stella’s husband sends her a gift to enjoy, while he is away in Dubai on business. The gift he sends her is too good to be true.   Stella sat in her office chair, talking on the phone, while she took in the brisk evening view of the New York Harbor from her large office window. She was intrigued of the dark-reddish sky that formed a seductive, yet apocalyptic view of from her large office window; very breath-taking. She had just gotten off the phone from her husband, who wasRead More

Christine’s Stories: Too Drunk by Christine Applegate

  Got too drink to remember that nothing happened. I woke feeling pretty bad. My mouth was dry and tasted awful. I was still in my clothes, covered by a sheet and blanket. I had a wet cloth on the back of my neck. I staggered to the bathroom, peed, washed my face and drank a glass of water. I was about to sit on the bed when I noticed another person was lying on the bed seemingly asleep. “Hello! Who are you?” He rolled over. It was Sam, theRead More

Stress Reliever by anarchy0029 (@anarchy0029)

A short sexy snippet of coming home to his beautiful woman for a moment of passion.   Gordon came home from a very rough day, and all he could think of was a good stress-reliever – his beautiful girlfriend that waited for him at home – Wynter. She was a sparkling beauty with wavy red hair and blue eyes. He couldn’t wait to have his hands over her creamy smooth skin, as his lips watered to taste her lips once more, this time making it more passionate.   Gordon madeRead More

Dirty Sweet by Fleur d’Oranger

Sexual tension mounts in a flatshare. Will the beautiful (but sensible) Rachel succumb to Matt’s dirty sex appeal? Will Matt finally get his hands on Rachel’s perfect arse?! Sexual tension mounts to fever-pitch in this tale of seduction between a younger man and slightly older woman.   It was the fifth flat Rachel had viewed that week. Maybe that was why she decided just to move in, since she only needed an affordable place to stay for a few months before starting her contract in another city. The owner seemedRead More

Just A Dream by anarchy0029 (@anarchy0029)

When Marvin studies so hard for his exam, he is rewarded with something special, but was it a dream?   Marvin was up late at night, studying for his deadline. He’d been on it through the wee hours of the night, wishing this nightmare of studying would come to an end. After looking in his text book for so long, he felt his eyes becoming heavy. He fought to stay awake, but he couldn’t. Marvin was soon out. His head hit the textbook, without any concern.   He snored, andRead More

Life in Sauga-Sage City by Izzy Campbell

A druggy, and more serious tone taken in the newest installment to the Sauga-Sage series. This druggy night shows the darker side to a city gilded by it’s sexy overtones.     Man walks hot streets aimlessly. Sweat bullets dripping down his face as he silently sings his sorrows to himself. He gets into his Benz, and cruises the rest of the way down the old streets he once knew, those streets his childhood called home. What was once a goldmine of memories and beautiful upbringing, was now simply povertyRead More

Nights in Sauga-Sage City by Izzy Campbell

There he stood, Marcus with his bare naked body in the shaded moonlight emanating from his balcony window. In his bed behind him she slept, her breast heaving as she breathed slowly, sleeping soundly. He thought to himself, recalling the events earlier that lead to this sexual encounter, this gritty tooth-and-nail decision he was forcing himself to make. Damned if he did and damned if he didn’t, but we will get to that later, for now we’ll go with Marcus, as he thinks now, putting the pieces back together again,Read More

Anxious by SF Lazarro

A woman takes a chance with a new lover as he ties her up and blindfolds her. Written mainly from her point of view as she cannot see her partner and but can only feel what he does to her.   Copyright © 2014 SF Lazorro You can contact me with your feedback on Goodreads. I look for forward to hearing your thoughts       “Are you ready” he asked in a gentle tone. Kate licked her lips, but hesitated to reply. The sensation was new to her, andRead More

A Night in Sauga-Sage City by Izzy Campbell

A drug-fueled one night stand… aka a regular Friday night in Sauga-Sage City   Jhene Aiko’s ‘Comfort Inn Ending’ plays in the background as she walks in the doorway of the bathroom, she walks painfully, infuriatingly slow. Somehow the music itself slows down. And the room’s lighting turns into a purple haze. She’s rocking a sexy lace and see through lingerie. Her eyes skimming over his body with an intense curiosity, as if wanting to explore. She bites her bottom lip, and struts seemingly in a cautious manner towards him.Read More