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Review Square: This Kitten’s Got Curves by Alma Black (@almablackauthor)

Hey everyone. Welcome to another segment of Review Square. Today, I’m going to get straight to the point about a book I’ve been reading for some time, and I’ve been impressed with the novel work by Alma Black – This Kitten’s Got Curves, part of the Shifter Date Series she’s created.   The follow up I just read, Gareth, a bear shifter is looking for someone who he could mate with and keep his ranking in the clan, while Rachel, a sassy, voluptuous woman is looking for someone just forRead More

Review Square: Must Love Lions by Alma Black

              Hi. Welcome to another segment of Review Square. Today, I’m going to go over a book written by an upcoming talented author, Alma Black, with her book Must Love Lions. The story begins with a sassy journalist, Alexis Parrish, who interviews a lion-shifter named Max, about a new paranormal dating app he’s created. While her attraction to him was considered unacceptable, Alexis couldn’t help it. The attraction between a human and this alpha-shifter was strong, until a group of rogue shifters didn’t approveRead More

Review Square: Enchanted Desire by Paul Lonardo

  Happy Friday. Welcome to another segment of Review Square. I’m going to into a review of a book written by Paul Lonardo Enchanted Desire.     It is a paranormal read in a first person narrative, about a woman name Shanna, likeable and in a failed relationship with someone controlling and repulsive to her. When she goes shopping with her sister on Black Friday, she goes into a store that sells Native American artifacts, and meets a man that quickly captures her – Kenny Honana. The two share aRead More

Review Square: At Mother’s Command by Kay Brandt

            Happy Friday, and welcome to another segment of Review Square. Today, I’m going to get into a book written by Kay Brandt At Mother’s Command.   The story begins with a young woman named Max, who had just turned eighteen, and when she discovers that her mother (Stella) was just her surrogate mother things turn upside-down for Max, as she is trying to make sense of what is going on. The world she once lived as a young teenager was no more, and nowRead More

Review Square: Painterest by Mark Anth

          Hi welcome to another segment of Review Square, and Happy Friday everyone. I’m going to go over a book written by Mark Anth, and I felt privileged and delighted to read one of his releases called Painterest. It’s a story that regards to an artist named Sadie, who has a wonderful passion to paint finds a new way to get more followers to a social network site Pinterest. With the then need to gain more followers, Sadie’s husband Billy offers to help her by beingRead More

Review Square: Ditching The Dream by Isabelle Peterson (@IzzyKPeterson)

Happy Friday, everyone. I’m pleased to go into another segment of Review Square, where today I’m going to talk about a book written by a unique author, Isabelle Peterson and one of her releases Ditching The Dream, part one of the installment to the Dream Series. It was a carefully crafted book about a woman who’s lived a perfect life in the Napa Valley area, and she leaves her husband of twenty years to discover who she really is. The character, Elizabeth Fairchild, has had it all but one thingRead More

Review Square: Alenka by Katarina Bukowski

Happy Friday everyone. It’s the eve of the Memorial Weekend in the U.S., and today on Review Square I’m going to share my review of the book written by Katarina Bukowski – Alenka.   Now the story begins in the late 17th century, where the Dutch Master created a painting of his lifetime, only to be sold far abroad with no ownership, but during World War II, when Budapest was under Nazi occupation the painting was rediscovered and then stolen, where it re-appears in 1992, setting the motion for aRead More

Review Square: Carnal Recovery by Victoria Bright (@authorvictoriab)

Happy Friday. It’s time for another segment of Review Square. Today, I’m happy to get into a book written by Victoria Bright – Carnal Recovery;  a wonderful BDSM story about a woman named Gia Valencia, who is a sex therapist by day but a dominatrix by night.   Gia Valencia was sentenced to court-ordered therapy after sending one of her submissive to the hospital from a severe injury. It was then she revealed one of her darkest moments in her life; something so painful she never thought she would tellRead More

Review Square: Naughty Reunions Box Set

Hi. Welcome to another segment of Review Square. It’s April 1st, and I’m looking forward to host first review for Spring 2016. Today, I’m going into a box set that I had to read, which was compiled by a series of authors called Naughty Reunions – Return to Romance.   This box set consist of nine erotic stories, ranging from m/f to m/m, f/f, BBW, paranormal, shape-shifter, and much more in the book.   When I read first took a look at the book, there were some stories that wereRead More

Review Square: Hopeless Vows by Rachel Duncan

Happy Friday. It’s time for another segment of Review Square, and today, I’m going to get into a book written by Rachel Duncan’ Hopeless Vows. It’s a story about a woman named Jillian, who lives a professional life, agrees to go on a reality TV show for eight weeks as she marries a complete stranger by the name of Austin. Jillian has no idea about this man she marrying, but she was willing to go through it. The marriage was arranged by a group of show producers and their privacyRead More