Review Square: Painterest by Mark Anth

          Hi welcome to another segment of Review Square, and Happy Friday everyone. I’m going to go over a book written by Mark Anth, and I felt privileged and delighted to read one of his releases called Painterest. It’s a story that regards to an artist named Sadie, who has a wonderful passion to paint finds a new way to get more followers to a social network site Pinterest. With the then need to gain more followers, Sadie’s husband Billy offers to help her by beingRead More

Life in Sauga-Sage City by Izzy Campbell

A druggy, and more serious tone taken in the newest installment to the Sauga-Sage series. This druggy night shows the darker side to a city gilded by it’s sexy overtones.     Man walks hot streets aimlessly. Sweat bullets dripping down his face as he silently sings his sorrows to himself. He gets into his Benz, and cruises the rest of the way down the old streets he once knew, those streets his childhood called home. What was once a goldmine of memories and beautiful upbringing, was now simply povertyRead More