On Sale: Christmas Kink by Kay Jaybee (@kay_jaybee)

Christmas Kink by Kay Jaybee – On Sale! (@kay_jaybee) #erotica #kink #bdsm #menage #ku #kindleunlimited **Christmas Kink: Six Festive Fantasies is on a Kindle Countdown Deal (in the UK and US marketplaces) from 3rd – 10th December. Grab your copy quickly, before the price increases!** Blurb What’s your favourite part of the Christmas celebration? Decorating the tree with tinsel, the heavenly aroma of cinnamon and fruit from Christmas cakes and puddings, the office Christmas party, a visit to Santa’s grotto, the expected presents? Complete with a brand new story forRead More

Come Into My Boudoir by C.A. Bell (@cbellAtrix09)

Come into my boudoir, let me show you around, What’s that you say? A box you’ve found? Come into my boudoir, let me show you around, For intriguing things are sure to be found. What’s inside the box, did I hear you say? Maybe I shall show you, but not today. Show you now? I don’t think you ready, Come on put it down, I’ve warned you already. Why? What’s in it? Is it something deadly? Your jokes aren’t funny, you’re just not ready. For if you saw inside, IRead More