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Northern Nights: Sauga-Sage City by Izzy Campbell

The fifth installment to Sauga-Sage City.   12am, Saturday night, Moonlight City Night Club… Her name is Kasey. She’s beautiful, her skin is so smooth it’s like a yellowish white hue. Which is soft to the touch, like her hair. Her beautiful dried crimson hair. It goes with her lipstick, her red wine maroon No. 5. She doesn’t look like she belongs in this club, it’s a club for those who are already down the drain. The ones who can’t get out, or no longer want to. But you canRead More

Escape From Sauga-Sage City by Izzy Campbell

The Fourth & Final installment in the sexy, dangerous, drug fueled world of Sauga-Sage. Marcus (the main character from the first two installments returns.   We revisit Marcus and his lovely counterpart, they both hold hands as they walk into their new apartment. An eerie place with a broken window across the room. He kisses her on the cheek, smiling like an eager child.   “Like it?” He ask “Fucking love it!” she says with a loud giggle   She looks over to the window however and gets concerned, saysRead More

Life in Sauga-Sage City by Izzy Campbell

A druggy, and more serious tone taken in the newest installment to the Sauga-Sage series. This druggy night shows the darker side to a city gilded by it’s sexy overtones.     Man walks hot streets aimlessly. Sweat bullets dripping down his face as he silently sings his sorrows to himself. He gets into his Benz, and cruises the rest of the way down the old streets he once knew, those streets his childhood called home. What was once a goldmine of memories and beautiful upbringing, was now simply povertyRead More

Nights in Sauga-Sage City by Izzy Campbell

There he stood, Marcus with his bare naked body in the shaded moonlight emanating from his balcony window. In his bed behind him she slept, her breast heaving as she breathed slowly, sleeping soundly. He thought to himself, recalling the events earlier that lead to this sexual encounter, this gritty tooth-and-nail decision he was forcing himself to make. Damned if he did and damned if he didn’t, but we will get to that later, for now we’ll go with Marcus, as he thinks now, putting the pieces back together again,Read More