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Review Square: Ditching The Dream by Isabelle Peterson (@IzzyKPeterson)

Happy Friday, everyone. I’m pleased to go into another segment of Review Square, where today I’m going to talk about a book written by a unique author, Isabelle Peterson and one of her releases Ditching The Dream, part one of the installment to the Dream Series. It was a carefully crafted book about a woman who’s lived a perfect life in the Napa Valley area, and she leaves her husband of twenty years to discover who she really is. The character, Elizabeth Fairchild, has had it all but one thingRead More

Series Blitz: The Dream Series by Isabelle Peterson (@izzykpeterson)

  The Dream Series Isabelle Peterson   Series Blurb Meet Elizabeth Fairchild, 42…a mother of 3, now an empty nester and in Book 1, DITCHING THE DREAM, her struggle to rediscover who she is, what her passions are, what gives her the drive for life. While an affair wasn’t what she was after, after given a ‘hall pass’ from her husband of 22 years, Greg Fairchild, she finds herself involved with two vet different men: Jack Stevens and Kevin Parker. What if ‘the dream’ isn’t all you hoped it wouldRead More