Guest Spot: James Grey – The Sex Club Diaries (@jamesgreyerotic)

    Blog Tour – James Grey – The Sex Club Diaries Author – James Grey Book –  The Sex Club Diaries Event Date – 12th – 19th February Hosted by Hooked on books & Cherry0Blossoms Promotions               Have you ever wondered what goes on behind closed doors at those parties?  The salacious ones people never speak about? Based on real events,  The Sex Club Diaries reveals the answers by taking you into a series of swinger venues around the world.  Brace yourself forRead More

New Release: Harlot (The Blue Moon House Series) by Angelica Dawson (@angelicadawson)

Title: New Release! 99 cents! Blue Moon House book 7, Harlot. Love Changes Everything #bdsm #vampire #romance Grab the seventh, penultimate prequel in the Blue Moon House series! 99 cents for a limited time. Amazon  Nook  iBooks  Kobo  Goodreads What happens when the sacrifice you make for another turns into a life you can’t abandon? Gwendolyn didn’t plan to become a whore. She didn’t expect to fall in love with another woman. She certainly wouldn’t guess that woman was a vampire. By the time she learns, it is too late, her heart belongs toRead More

New Release: The Psychology of Dreams 101 by K D Grace (@kd_grace)

      Out Now–The Psychology of Dreams 101 by K D Grace (@kd_grace) Blurb:  What if there was punishment when you didn’t dream the right dreams? That’s the dilemma Leah Kent, and her professor, Al Foster must face—dream right, or take the punishment. The Psychology of Dreams 101 is a wander into the sexy and dark unconscious as Leah takes a Psychology of Dreams adult education class, only to discover that the required dream journal leads to some seriously kinky night journeys. But not all dreams are pleasant ones,Read More

Author Interview with Ava Bell (@authoravabell)

      AfterDark Online is pleased to interview an author from the Midwest of the United States, Ava Bell.     Welcome, to get started, why don’t you tell us about yourself and the genre you write?   I’m 38, I was born and raised in Oklahoma where I live with my husband and two children. I work full-time as an OR nurse. I love to read, cook and travel. I write Erotic/BDSM How long have you been writing, and what inspired you to write the genre you love?Read More

New Release: Six by James Crow (@JamesCrowAuthor)

  Title: Six  Author: James Crow  Genre: Erotica            I sell more than sex. I sell experiences.  My clients are women of taste and style, with money to lavish on their most intimate fantasies. The contract is clear: Absolute confidentiality. No limits. 100% satisfaction guaranteed. I take them to that place in the half-light, where pleasure blurs with pain, and sex becomes so much more. Beautiful filth, sweet and dirty and so fucking delicious. They take it all and always come back for more.  I’m inRead More

Author Interview with Don Abdul (@DonAbdul2)

                    Welcome, to get started, why don’t you tell us about yourself and the genre you write?   I am Don Abdul, an award winning poet and published author of erotic romance in my mid-40s.     How long have you been writing, and what inspired you to write the genre you love?   My journey as an author started as a teenager when I discovered creative writing as an escape from the dullness of small town life. My deeply rootedRead More

New Release: Deep in You by David S. Scott (@davidscottauth)

    Title: Deep in You Series: The Phoenix Series #1 Author: David S. Scott Genre: Erotica Release Date: June 30, 2016 Blurb My name is Alexander Phoenix. You’ve probably heard of me, most people have. I’ve won numerous awards and medals all over the world, including the last two Olympics Games. Outside gymnastics, I’m untamable. Many have tried, none have succeeded. They’ve called me a playboy, a philanderer … Until a chance meeting in a bar with her almost proves to be a disaster for both of us. She’sRead More

New Release: Four Letter Word by Charlotte Howard (@Shy_Tiger)

OUT NOW: FOUR LETTER WORDS by Charlotte Howard @Shy_Tiger #FourLetterWords #Erotica #Contemporary #Romance   Four Letter Words Blurb: Paige Holmes has made her choice. But as she begins to get her life back on track, she also starts to question her decision. Then, the letters arrive. When Paige finds herself in trouble once again, she must decide who she can trust. Will she go back to the one she denied, or will she stand by her choice? Love and lust are, after all, both Four Letter Words. BUY LINK: More

Guest Spot: S.C. Daiko (@S_C_Daiko) #AuthorSCDaiko – Courtesan

        Title : Courtesan Author : S. C. Daiko Genre: Erotica/Erotic Romance   Theodora It’s not every day a girl gets to meet the most powerful man in the world – but it’s not every girl that’s deemed USEFUL. I’ve been deemed USEFUL to the heir apparent to the Roman Emperor! My skin prickles with awareness of him. His hips form a perfect V; his chest seems forged from iron. I long to touch him. I long to be possessed by him. I long to lose allRead More

Cover Reveal: Domme Evolved by Leigh Stone (@imleighstone)

      Cover Reveal ~ Domme Evolved ~ Leigh Stone Book ~ Domme Evolved Author ~ Leigh Stone Cover Reveal ~ 10th May Hosted by Hooked on books & Cherry0Blossoms Promotions       Domme Evolved (Domination #3)   My name is Katriona Marshall and I am a dominatrix. I get my kicks from the power men bestow on me, and the submission they gift me with.   Or at least that’s how it used to work. One night in a hotel room a few hundred miles from homeRead More