Cover Reveal: Trapped by Shannon Youngblood (@sgyoungblood)

  TRAPPED: Her Love Story by Shannon Youngblood TRAPPED: Her Love Story Shannon Youngblood Erotic Suspense Releases March 23, 2017 BLURB Trapped In Their Basement. Raped, Beaten and Broken. All I Have Left Is My Sanity Preston Stole My Name & Body. Paxton Stole My Heart. Existing Only For Him. Don’t Make Me Walk Away. ***As if it wasn’t clear enough, there are TRIGGERS in this book, and if you are not over 18, or cannot handle subjects such as violence, kidnapping and rape, this is NOT the book forRead More

Guest Spot: Ray Sostre (@anarchy0029) – Allison In Wonderland

Title: Allison in Wonderland: An Erotic Novel Author: Ray Sostre Genre: Adult, Erotic Fantasy Adventure Published: January 31, 2017 In this parody to the children story, there’s an adult twist – an erotic fantasy adventure. Allison Woodward and her step-brother, Steve Robbins, are pulled out of their world and into separate realms of Wonderland, where they not only discover a strange world but encounter the chilling events that unfold. What summons them to Wonderland will also summon them to fall in love in an unusual way, and while that loveRead More

New Release: The Billionaire Shifter’s Second Chance (Billionaire Shifters #3) by Diana Seere

        Out Now – The Billionaire Shifter’s Second Chance (Billionaire Shifters #3) by Diana Seere Description: A wildland firefighter — and mountain lion shifter — Edward is the youngest of the Stanton siblings, and hasn’t touched a woman in a decade, not since his late fiancée was killed in a violent tragedy. But when he meets the sweet, adorable Molly Sloan, a friend of his new sister-in-law, Lilah… his determination to remain celibate begins to unravel. Something about Molly is irresistible. Something about her makes him forgetRead More

Guest Spot: Elizabeth Black (@ElizabethABlack) – No Restraint

      Elizabeth Black – December 1 After Dark Online No Restraint Hello, After Dark Online! My name is Elizabeth Black, and I’m here to tell you about my new erotic romance novel, No Restraint. I’m also offering a give-away of one of my two erotic retellings of fairy tales, either Trouble In Thigh High Boots (erotic Puss In Boots) or Climbing Her Tower (erotic Rapunzel). Your choice. Enter the contest and good luck! I have been testing and reviewing sex toys for about ten years, which is whatRead More

New Release: Fire In The Blood by Lily Freeman

  Title : Fire In The Blood  Author : Lily Freeman   Genre: Contemporary Erotic, BDSM novel.               Eight weeks ago, Polly Jayne Lester vanished.With no explanation, no goodbyes; she walked away from one life, to start another.Now based in London, she has a home: new friends, a new dog and – a Master. Luke Monroe is everything she never knew she wanted: dominant, sexy, passionate, and a sadist.As their relationship develops, with her giving a little and him taking a lot, PJ is forced to exploreRead More

New Release: Four: A Menage Erotic Romance by S.C. Daiko (@S_C_Daiko)

Title : Four : A Menage Erotic Romance Author : S. C. Daiko  Genre : Erotic Romance            It’s been a year since Max and I overcame our commitment fears and chased away our demons, a year in a blissful poly relationship with Steve. And now we’re all set to become four. It should be the best time of my life, of our lives; trying for a baby with the two hot men who keep me warm at night. But when Steve’s friend James arrives fromRead More

Review Square: At Mother’s Command by Kay Brandt

            Happy Friday, and welcome to another segment of Review Square. Today, I’m going to get into a book written by Kay Brandt At Mother’s Command.   The story begins with a young woman named Max, who had just turned eighteen, and when she discovers that her mother (Stella) was just her surrogate mother things turn upside-down for Max, as she is trying to make sense of what is going on. The world she once lived as a young teenager was no more, and nowRead More

Pre-Order A Variety of Chains by Christine Blackthorn (@CBlackthorn) (@sinfulpress)

Pre-order blitz! A Variety of Chains – Erotic paranormal novel by Christine Blackthorn (@CBlackthorn @sinfulpress)         Sinful Press is proud to announce the pre-release of A Variety of Chains by Christine Blackthorn, the first in the Bloodhavens series.     Blurb Kathryn McClusky is an ErGer – a rare and highly prized individual in the supernatural world. She has spent her life running and hiding, but circumstances have changed and the only way to protect her family is to hand herself over to the Vampire Lord ofRead More

Review Square: Painterest by Mark Anth

          Hi welcome to another segment of Review Square, and Happy Friday everyone. I’m going to go over a book written by Mark Anth, and I felt privileged and delighted to read one of his releases called Painterest. It’s a story that regards to an artist named Sadie, who has a wonderful passion to paint finds a new way to get more followers to a social network site Pinterest. With the then need to gain more followers, Sadie’s husband Billy offers to help her by beingRead More

Guest Spot: Lily Freeman – A Little Band of Red

    Title : A Little Band of Red   Author : Lily Freeman   Genre: Contemporary Erotic, BDSM novel.             Polly Jayne Lester’s life was falling apart. Between her cheating fiancé and her narcissistic boss, she could see no way out. That was until an unexpected lottery win changed everything. With millions in her bank account, PJ abandons her old life to start a new one in London. It’s there she finds her dream home on the banks of the Thames, and also herRead More