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Pre-Order Bonds of the Earth by Janine Ashbless (@sinfulpress)

Coming Soon – In Bonds of the Earth, the second Book of the Watchers by Janine Ashbless (@sinfulpress)     Would you defy God, for love?   In Bonds of the Earth is the new paranormal erotic romance by Janine Ashbless, and is the second in the Book of the Watchers trilogy.   “Broad at the shoulders and lean at the hips, six foot-and-then-something of ropey muscle, he looks like a Spartan god who got lost in a thrift store. He moves like ink through water. And his eyes, whenRead More

New Release: Harlot (The Blue Moon House Series) by Angelica Dawson (@angelicadawson)

Title: New Release! 99 cents! Blue Moon House book 7, Harlot. Love Changes Everything #bdsm #vampire #romance Grab the seventh, penultimate prequel in the Blue Moon House series! 99 cents for a limited time. Amazon  Nook  iBooks  Kobo  Goodreads What happens when the sacrifice you make for another turns into a life you can’t abandon? Gwendolyn didn’t plan to become a whore. She didn’t expect to fall in love with another woman. She certainly wouldn’t guess that woman was a vampire. By the time she learns, it is too late, her heart belongs toRead More

Cover Reveal: Sexual Encounter by LK Collins (@authorlkcollins)

Sexual Encounter COVER, SYNOPSIS, & TRAILER REVEAL BY INTERNATIONAL BESTSELLING AUTHOR LK COLLINS AVAILABLE January 29, 2017 I’m not supposed to want Natalie Valero, not the way my body does, in every consumable way possible. But from the moment I laid eyes on her, I craved her like never before. As I sit across the table from her, listening to all the disrespectful things her husband—my client—is saying to her, I can’t help wanting to protect her. It makes me want to wipe her tears away. To show her how a real man speaks.Read More

New Release: Scapulimancist by Charmaine Pauls (@CharmainePauls)

    Title: Scapulimancist Series: Seven Forbidden Arts #7 Author: Charmaine Pauls Genre: Paranormal Erotic Romance Release Date: January 10, 2017   Blurb A woman on a mission to save the elephants… An ex-convict who won’t part with his land… When their passion and goals collide, the crash is volatile.Sara Graham has no idea what she is getting herself into when she uses her forbidden art to protect the near-extinct elephants and their habitat in the Knysna forest, South Africa. From the minute she sets foot in the woodcutters’ bar,Read More

Cover Reveal: Grace by Dee Palmer (@deepalmerwriter)

      Title: Grace Series: Disgrace Trilogy #3 Author: Dee Palmer Genre: Erotic Romance Cover Design: Concierge Literary Promotions Release Date: January 24, 2017 Blurb Surprise is the understatement of the year and it hits Sam and Jason like a freight train.Rocked and shocked, Sam needs to determine if this is a really good surprise, because as much as she loves Jason, any future they may have together could be doomed if he’s not 100 percent all-in. She can’t afford to settle for anything less since there’s so muchRead More

Cover Reveal: The Sex Club Diaries by James Grey (@jamesgreyerotic)

      Cover Reveal – James Grey – The Sex Club Diaries  Author – James Grey Book – The Sex Club Diaries Event Date – 11th January Hosted by Hooked on books & Cherry0Blossoms Promotions               Have you ever wondered what goes on behind closed doors at those parties? The salacious ones people never speak about? Based on real events, The Sex Club Diaries reveals the answers by taking you into a series of swinger venues around the world. Brace yourself for the delicious vice that goes handRead More

Cover Reveal: The Neighborhood by Stylo Fantôme (@StyloFantome)

    Title: The Neighborhood Series: Twin Estates #2 Author: Stylo Fantôme Genre: Erotic Romance Cover Design: Najla Qamber Designs Release Date: January 17, 2017 Blurb Things a bad neighbor can do to you:1. Have loud parties late at night 2. Refuse to mow his lawn 3. Steal your newspapers 4. Rip your heart out and walk all over it Katya Tocci is willing to admit that she may have bitten off more than she could chew. Liam Edenhoff showed her a side of life she’d been missing out onRead More

Guest Spot: Lucy Felthouse (@cw1985) & Victoria Blisse (@victoriablisse) – Billionaire and the Wild Man

          How to Cheat at Writing Novels by Victoria Blisse Only write half of it. Hmm, that’s a bit short for a blog post, I suppose I better explain!  I’ve recently written my first ever co-written novel with my author friend Lucy Felthouse and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. I wish I’d worked out this cheat sooner, I’ve been a published author for ten years and have been writing erotica for about fifteen. It would have made life a lot easier if I’d only had to writeRead More

New Release: Surrender To Me by Claire Thompson (@CThompsonAuthor)

                          Surrender to Me By Claire Thompson Let the erotic pain lift you into its arms. Surrender to it. Surrender to me. Rylee Miller, independent, strong and in control, seeks intensity of experience in all things. She craves hardcore sadomasochism and believes erotic suffering is just another challenge to be overcome.  Taggart Fitzgerald, aka Leather Master, is a world-class whip and leather-gear craftsman. A highly skilled and sexy Dom, he’s also a brooding, intense and self-contained man. HeRead More

Cover Reveal: Unwrapped by Callie Harper (@callieharperbks)

  Title: Unwrapped Author: Callie Harper Genre: Erotic Romance Cover Design: Perfect Pear Creative Release Date: December 7, 2016 Blurb Jack and Hannah have their hands full planning a giant NYC holiday charity party with rock stars to wrangle and celebrities to dress. Hannah’s completely sworn off men. Jack has enough going on without a ball-busting, tattooed siren rocking his world.They need to keep their hands off each other. But the holidays have a funny way of getting a whole lot of crazy. There’s what you plan, and then there’sRead More