erotic poems


Partners by Paul Turner – Erotic Poem

Dancer stimulates lovemaking; the ride afterwards rises and fall   We make love to the Spanish dancer Then tiptoe in her sweeping circle, the sweat of the dance hall In our dusty hats and leather gear, on horseback in the purple of the mountain pass The hawk stifles a scream, and the grasses lie down We continue the arch and flow, The duet, the pose, the tender fall.

Guest Spot: C.A. Bell (@cbellAtrix09) – BDSM Poetry

Guest Blog Hello, and thank you AfterDark for hosting today. I’m here today to spread the word about my new release BDSM poetry, and like I’ve said in my previous tour stops, please don’t dismiss me already because you read the word poetry. This collection explores many BDSM elements, including anal play, kitten play, femdom, discipline, switching, and the emotions that practising BDSM provokes. I have started this collection with The Contract, an important part of any BDSM relationship, and from there go on to explore the elements listed aboveRead More

The Prisoner by Fernando Sanchez

  Description: The poertry of submission.   I am the Prisoner I am the Captive, chained by your power I am the Recluse, a wanderer lost within your soul   Tethered to your love, deemed worthy to be shackled for your lust Restrained for you, take me as I am, my one and only owner. I belong to you   Heaven’s hung in black and red this night, two lovers’ playful time Away on this sheltered place, these chains and strings bind more than our flesh Breathing each other’s air,Read More

The Keeper by Fernando Sanchez

Description: The poetry of domination.   Feel the ropes braiding your body These cords that transform your flesh into a work of art Tight coils of binding desire that wrap around you   I am your Keeper, yearning to chasten you, and take you as I please Your soul was born into bondage, let me guide it home The crimson streaks on your skin will carve your Master’s will   Bend your arms and part your legs Let your Keeper quench your thirst for pleasure and pain The palms ofRead More

That Hunger by C. Thomas

Description: A self-pleasure fantasy of lost love.   When I touch myself, It’s because I’m wanting someone else’s touch, Sometimes desperate for another’s hand. Hungry. When I slide my middle finger along my slit, Barely brushing my clit, I imagine it’s the boy who made me laugh till my stomach ached, And apologised for trying to kiss me, Because he had a girlfriend. But when his two fingers are between my lips, Moist and warm, That’s all there is.   And I only exist somewhere between my thighs, and justRead More

Tingling In Subspace & I Am Jello by Maria Rose

Tingling in Subspace The tingling of skin brushing against skin Breathing accelerating Peach fuzz standing at attention, anticipating Legs parting and then The unhurried first insertion and That initial thrust Carrying with it the promise of Dimensions never before visited I am the Jello I am the jello on your spoon trembling as you take me to your mouth

I Wonder What It Would Be Like To Crawl Inside Your Head by Cherrydarling

Description: How I think… I wonder what it would be like to crawl inside your head. To find that deep dark place that you keep. I wonder what dark thoughts cross your mind. I wonder what triggers you,,,,, what makes you stare off. Is it a smell, a touch, the thought of a silk tie back? How often do you have these thoughts? Do they invade your dreams,,,,,,,,like mine do. How far back do you hide those deep dark thoughts? Are they coming to the edge? Are you on thatRead More

In Pieces by Roxanna

Description: How he mended me Broken pieces Twisted, scorched. Shattered, beyond repair.   Gentle, patient hands, reveres the scattered mess. With care born out of love, they immerse themselves in the agony. Day and night, night and day, under the changing moons, they work, lovingly, meticulously, they unbend, polish. Spark live back, into each piece. Like a puzzle, they fit and click.   A clock restored, fused back together, the ticking of a heart Resumes.

Obsession by Roxanna

Description: I can’t get enough of it. I have a secret obsession, A craving I cannot sate, God knows I try and try, Yet, the hunger remains, My addiction is simple, Your cock.   Long, Curved, Sleek, Thick, Hard, All of it, Scrumptious.   I love it, I need it, I am crazy, For it.   My mouth waters, At the thoughts of, Kissing, Licking, Sucking, Grazing, Your beautiful cock.   My throat is eager for it, Relaxing, opening wide, To receive all of it, Feel the bulbous head, TheRead More

Tears by Roxanna

Description: They tell you we’re real. Could I smile to stop tears from flowing? Do you know how long they have been pouring? I have lost track of Time, Body, The salty moisture Slipping, Dripping, Endlessly falling, Is the only thing keeping me… Alive.   Could I smile to stop the tears from flowing? Do you know how long they have been pouring? Without them I would loose Hope, Breath, The tiny droplets, Rolling, Sliding, Eternally coursing, Are the only reminders keeping me… Sane.   Please, Someone tell me, CouldRead More