Teaching Cora A Lesson by anarchy0029 (@anarchy0029)

    Cora was a willing slave, willing to do whatever the Master pleases, and in order to make his good graces, she will have to pay her dues to receive such wonderful pleasure.     “Ah yes,” the Master looked over his tied slave. She was a willing, pale-looking redhead with her mouth gagged and her arms tied behind her back, where she wore royal purple corset with garter straps that connected to her black laced stockings. Her legs were parted, revealing her clean shaved pussy. The Master wasRead More

A Gift Name Doc by anarchy0029 (@anarchy0029)

Stella’s husband sends her a gift to enjoy, while he is away in Dubai on business. The gift he sends her is too good to be true.   Stella sat in her office chair, talking on the phone, while she took in the brisk evening view of the New York Harbor from her large office window. She was intrigued of the dark-reddish sky that formed a seductive, yet apocalyptic view of from her large office window; very breath-taking. She had just gotten off the phone from her husband, who wasRead More

Morgan In The VIP by anarchy0029 (@anarchy0029)

Morgan is celebrating her 57th birthday, and what would be more fun than to just celebrate her birthday — a menage.   The address is 5795 Westminster Street. I have you on the guest list. Remember to wear something sexy, I’ll be waiting for you in the VIP Room. That was the text Morgan received on her smart phone. She was really excited to celebrate her birthday at the Bilingual Club – an upscale club for party-goers, but it had been so long for Morgan since she had stepped intoRead More

Stress Reliever by anarchy0029 (@anarchy0029)

A short sexy snippet of coming home to his beautiful woman for a moment of passion.   Gordon came home from a very rough day, and all he could think of was a good stress-reliever – his beautiful girlfriend that waited for him at home – Wynter. She was a sparkling beauty with wavy red hair and blue eyes. He couldn’t wait to have his hands over her creamy smooth skin, as his lips watered to taste her lips once more, this time making it more passionate.   Gordon madeRead More

Just A Dream by anarchy0029 (@anarchy0029)

When Marvin studies so hard for his exam, he is rewarded with something special, but was it a dream?   Marvin was up late at night, studying for his deadline. He’d been on it through the wee hours of the night, wishing this nightmare of studying would come to an end. After looking in his text book for so long, he felt his eyes becoming heavy. He fought to stay awake, but he couldn’t. Marvin was soon out. His head hit the textbook, without any concern.   He snored, andRead More

Taking The Party Home by anarchy0029

Martina was forward to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day for the evening. She didn’t want to be alone for the night, where there were people to mingle with and lots of celebrations going on. She was an attractive woman in her early forties and in need for a companion for the night. Perhaps, instead one person, why not have two people for the night. She single and happy, but she never had the fulfillment of having two men to do her. Lately, she had been watching a number of young men,Read More

Abella’s Afternoon by anarchy0029

Abella was in the patio, resting on her lounge chair in her two-piece bathing suit catching some sun, while her roommate Allison popped her head out from the balcony entrance to surprise her. She told her she heading to work and she will return home to get ready for the dinner party.   Abella gave Allison a nod before putting her headphones on and listened away to her deep house music that played from her smart phone. It was a hot sunny day, and Abella loved the warm feeling asRead More

A Polyamorous Anniversary by anarchy0029

After one year of being together, Yasmin, Casey, and Wesley celebrate in a threesome.   Yasmin sat on a white chair in front of the mirror in her bedroom, wearing a soft pink teddy as she brushed her hair. She looked into her mirror as she turned her head sideways to brush out the side of her dark hair, until she noticed a woman standing at the doorway with long brown hair, wearing a soft white teddy that accentuated her creamy complexion – Kasey. Kasey approached her and standing behindRead More

Starting The Weekend Off by anarchy0029

Fast Lane Friday Description: Ian comes home and finds his girlfriend ready to kick off their weekend together.   Ian unlocked the door, and entered his one-bedroom apartment. He locked the door behind him, and began to wind down after a long day at the office. His modern apartment was filled with a sensual smell of perfume and incense. Who was in his apartment? When he walked over to the living room, he noticed his girlfriend Zuli. She’d gotten herself in his apartment and had waited for him since.  Read More

Getting Acquainted by anarchy0029

Description: Clive pays a visit with his cousin and gets accquainted with his cousin’s friend over a quickie Clive pulled up to the parking lot of the apartment complex and turned off the ignition. He stepped out of his small dark blueToyotacoupe, and slammed the door closed as he carried a six pack of beer to an apartment complex. As he walked up the steps, he overheard the thumping noise of music in the background; there was probably a lot of people at the party for eight o’clock in theRead More