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Submission Call Guidelines from AfterDark Online

AfterDark Online welcomes authors to submit their erotica to us. However, we would like to offer some guidance for submission. Please note that all works created are copyrighted to the author. AfterDark Online will not forward materials to members of a third party who wish to use the material for their publications, unless we have permission of the author.

While AfterDark Online does provide a wide variety of genre for story submissions, it’s purpose is to publish well-written erotic stories to arouse our readers; not pornography. Although, we allow sex acts to be written descriptively, and it’s fine to have physical description of their bodies to be published; however, pornography does not include a story plots, and well-developed characters that are understood and motivated by their actions, with sex scenes that moves along with the story.

AfterDark Online reserves the right to reject publications that contains:

– pedophilia (all characters must be 18 years of age)

– bestiality (that also includes werewolves having sex with humans. Shape-shifters must be in a human form.)

– defecation (that also includes golden showers)

– incest (step-siblings are not considered incest)

– rape or scenes that includes indirect forcible sex (all sex acts must be consensual)

– necrophilia (vampires are excluded)

Should your story be rejected, you will be notified in your email stating the reason.

AfterDark Online requires story submissions to be a minimum of 1000 words and a maximum of 4000 words. We only seek short erotic stories for our readers enjoyment. Poetry submission are not required to this rule.

For word counting assistance, please follow this link: Word Count Tool

Please note: AfterDark Online is a non-royalty paying site. All we ask from the author is to volunteer their story for the reader’s enjoyment.

AfterDark Online proofreads for grammatical mistakes and most importantly the kind of erotica submitted, to ensure the kind of themes that are sent are acceptable. We will not change the content of the story if there are too many grammatical errors. We will return the story to the author for amendment.

Additional Note: In effort to help promote the work of the author, AfterDark Online will allow story submissions that were previously ebooks, so as long as the stories are not under obligation of the publisher. However, AfterDark Online will not allow excerpts. For further questions please contact the administrator.


See A List of Submission Calls below:


Let your imangination fly with just simply sex stories.

BDSM Story Call Flyer

Bring out your darkest desires with your BDSM Stories

LGBT Story flyer 

Sex stories shouldn’t apply between a man and a woman only.

 Erotic Poetry flyer

Bring out your softer, sensual side to erotica.

Paranormal Story Flyer

Sex shouldn’t just be normal but supernatural

Group Sex flyer copy

Sex with more than one person is much hotter than the ordinary.