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Right Now, we are not taking any review requests, until further notice.


Review Square is a place where we take a look inside the author’s book and discuss the ratings and recommends of the story. AfterDark Online is happy to review your book, so as long as it has either erotic, erotic romance, or romance content, regardless of the sub-genre (gay, lesbian, bdsm, sci-fi). However, due to time constraints, we can take long depending on the word length of your story.


AfterDark Online does not make any purchases of your book, in order to review your story. We gladly accept PDF, MOBI, or EPUB formats, and you are welcome to email your story to:, with the subject: Review Request.


PDF format is Adobe Acrobat Reader


MOBI format is Kindle Reader


EPUB is the commonly used format for iPad, Barnes & Noble, or Kobo, for example.


If you wish to send your story in a MOBI format, you are welcome to send to: AfterDark Online does not have a Kindle account. We will forward the story to the reviewer with a Kindle account.


How we rate your story is based on the overall feeling of the story, including the heat level, and the suspense. We do want a story that is well-edited, and properly formatted, but we are looking for stories that can give us an overall feeling.


AfterDark Online posts reviews every other Friday (fortnightly; every two weeks). Please understand that we may be backlogged, due to a number of review requests.


When we rate your story, we will give a metallic rating which indicates 3-5 stars. We choose to be unique from other reviewer sites. See the example below:


Platinum Read – 5 Stars


Gold Read – 4 Stars


Silver Read – 3 Stars


If your story doesn’t reach a 3 star status, we will notify you by email and let you know, of course with a constructive reason.


How we rate the heat level in your story is very simple. We are very specific with the authors’ uses of sex scenes in the story.


5 Flames – The story has gratuitous amounts of love scenes that are very explicit, and contains both graphic and direct languages which ordinary readers might find objectionable.


4 Flames – The story has a number of love scenes; both graphic and direct use of languages.


3 Flames – The story is described to have some sensual scenes, yet the description of scenes can be explicit with the use of graphic and direct languages.


2 Flames – The story doesn’t have any sexually graphic scene; just more sensual, which is usually found it sweet romance stories.



When we rate the suspense of the story, we are explaining how the scenes are played out written by the author to determine the rating.


Game-Changing – The author came across that was so unexpected, the reviewer will have to re-read the story again.


Enjoyable – The author had a few scenes that was predictable. The author got straight to the point in the story, didn’t leave out any clues, but the story didn’t give the reviewer the ‘OMG’ factor.


Needs Improvement – The author did write a good story, but the author over-explained on the character/scene, and needs to get straight to the point in their story.


Predictable – The author did write a good story, but the scenes were quite predictable of where it was going to go.



Our reviews to your story are solely based on one’s opinion, and when we critique your work we will do it in an honest fashion, where we want to see you improve. No one’s perfect, and authors have to start out somewhere.



Please note: The sole purpose of reviewing your story is to help you succeed, not to help boost the sales of your book. We do not guarantee that you will boost sales from our reviews.