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Hi. Welcome to another segment of Review Square. Today, I’m going to go over a book written by an upcoming talented author, Alma Black, with her book Must Love Lions. The story begins with a sassy journalist, Alexis Parrish, who interviews a lion-shifter named Max, about a new paranormal dating app he’s created. While her attraction to him was considered unacceptable, Alexis couldn’t help it. The attraction between a human and this alpha-shifter was strong, until a group of rogue shifters didn’t approve of their relationship, and since Max wouldn’t conform to their ways he would do whatever it took to protect her from his clan.


First off, I’m not a huge reader of shifter romance, but I have to say this was one book that I would describe pure talent. Alma Black wrote a well-written tale that was straight to the point, telling a story that had me intrigued from page one to the end. She didn’t waste this reader’s time when she wrote the story. The It had a great flow and I was thrilled to see how the story ended. This book definitely gets a Platinum Read (5 Stars).


The heat level in the story was very good, descriptive and never leaving you to ask more. Alma’s talent in the book really intrigued me, and she wasn’t afraid to create both a romantic and erotic scene in the story. Four Flames


As far as the suspense level in the story, I liked how she developed it. From the way she wrote the story, Author Alma Black had shown how much fun she had with it. I see a lot of potential with this author, and there will be more to come from this author.


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