Review Square: Enchanted Desire by Paul Lonardo


Happy Friday. Welcome to another segment of Review Square. I’m going to into a review of a book written by Paul Lonardo Enchanted Desire.



It is a paranormal read in a first person narrative, about a woman name Shanna, likeable and in a failed relationship with someone controlling and repulsive to her. When she goes shopping with her sister on Black Friday, she goes into a store that sells Native American artifacts, and meets a man that quickly captures her – Kenny Honana. The two share a conversation, as Shanna is suddenly starstruck about this man’s tall and good-looking feature. There was something very mystical about this man that made Shanna attracted to him. When he gives Shanna a Kichana doll to take with her, she begins to have visions of Kenny in her dreams, but the problem is was it real? She felt a new awakening from him, from the moment she met this man. Something spiritual will happen to her that is both blessing and wonderful.


This is not bad. It’s a really good story here. I have to say Author Paul Lonardo created a good story, with quite a knowledge of the Native American culture. There aren’t any books that will feature a love affair with a Native American, but this one has been one of the best so far. If this is Paul Lonardo’s first publication in dealing with erotic romance, I’m very impressed and can see this man has potential of being a great author. (Platinum Read – 5 Stars)


When I read the heat level in the story, it’s very explicit and erotic at the same time. Although, I was a bit turned off by the term ‘member’. It sounded too cheesy, and I, as an author, try to avoid using those types of euphemisms, but I understand the author is showing how creative he is in writing an erotic story. There was some good build up, and I was intrigued at how well write it through and through. Four Flames.


The suspense in the story was really enjoyable. I like the bits of background about Shanna, and the wonderful tension that grew between her and Kenny. There was that air of attraction between them, and the ending had a good twist. Although, I wished it would’ve been better. I will recommend this book, because it’s an enjoyable read and there is a steamy scene in the middle, but I would give a soft recommend if you’re one of those readers that want a book that is lengthy with more depth. This book is approximately 70 pages, but it didn’t leave a bad taste in my mouth.



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