Northern Nights: Sauga-Sage City by Izzy Campbell

The fifth installment to Sauga-Sage City.


12am, Saturday night, Moonlight City Night Club… Her name is Kasey. She’s beautiful, her skin is so smooth it’s like a yellowish white hue. Which is soft to the touch, like her hair. Her beautiful dried crimson hair. It goes with her lipstick, her red wine maroon No. 5. She doesn’t look like she belongs in this club, it’s a club for those who are already down the drain. The ones who can’t get out, or no longer want to. But you can tell by the look in her eyes that she’s never been here before, or done anything like this before. Her eyes are an innocent tone of green and pink. She has thick, puckered lips, and everything below that slender neck is natural. Just like the R&B playing in the night club.

She doesn’t really know how to dance, except for twerking. But she won’t be caught dead doing something that’s only for her friends to see. She just stands on the outskirts of the crowded dance floor and gyrates slowly, using her imagination as her dance partner.


He approaches her slowly. Stealthy like and without being noticed. The cascading lights in the club are nowhere near bright enough to illuminate any of the people in there. They’re all too dim, and subtle. Outlining on the walls of the club, and in little amount on the ceiling. He came up behind her and held her firmly, of course she was startled at first. But the warm, cold breath on her neck, his easing of the grip, and the soft brush of his cheek against hers calmed her nerves. Gave her a buzzing warmth that tingled all throughout her body. The lights suddenly went off, and glowed a dark purple. a new song called ‘Dragon’ by an artist by the name of LVNDVN started playing. He moved with her, pushing his pelvis against her hips. intertwining their hands and holding his arms around her waist. She felt hesitant at first, and grew stiff, blushing uncontrollably, her body started to betray her. And she bit her lips, hard.

They led each other upstairs, where the rooms for rent were. The club was a one night stand hotel of sorts. In some of these rooms were drug deals, college kids slinging ecstasy to friends and strangers while they all get stoned. Others were meeting locals for secret orgys between co-workers, friends, and neighbors. Of course they also served as meeting spots for cheaters, and all other manner of sickisms. He guided her through this illuminated hall of rooms. Their reddish pink hue almost gave her vertigo, how everything seemed to be spinning in place. Gravity seemed to deny her mind any peace. The man slide his card in and out then opened the door for her. Kasey goes in slowly, she feels comfortable knowing all she really wants to do is cuddle and leave with her morals and dignity in tact. Having a great story to go along with it. He cuts the lights off, and the only source of light is the TV, he doesn’t bother with the channels. He doesn’t care for them. They get into bed, kicking their shoes off and instantly snuggling up together, that quick rush of sudden warmth makes them get even closer together. She lays her arm on his chest, while wrapping her leg around his waist. He curls a loving forearm around her slim waist and pulls her close. Close enough for the smell of her hair to glide into his nose. He inhales slowly, placing his other hand on her lower back.

The whole time they say nothing. But simply lay there warm in each other’s embrace. He slides his hand down to her ass, and squeezes it. While pulling her closer to him. She grabs his shirt and tightens her grip, as if hanging on for dear life. His hand glides up her dress, letting his hand feel every inch of her ass, he grips and grabs, squeezes and slaps. Kasey can hear the faint grinding of his teeth in anticipation. She moves up so that they’re eye to eye. And he stops. He freezes himself, as does she. Through the thin veil of hair in her face his eyes meet hers and they lock. Gravity somehow pulls them closer, teasingly slow, their lips suddenly touch in a burst of speed.


He puts every neck muscle into kissing her with every ounce of passion he possesses. She grips the back of his neck to fully invite him in. He turns over, getting on top of her, putting all of his weight down, it doesn’t crush Kasey, she licks his neck, then does a small nibble immediately afterwards like a sexy signature. He bites her earlobe, then sucks it for a split second. He starts gripping her waist as if trying to restrain himself. She runs her hands through his hair, trying to not overwhelm herself. He then kisses the base of her neck, then slide surfs his tongue down, pauses, unzips her dress and pulls it off, maddening with every second not spent caressing her. It only takes a few seconds as she cooperates, not realizing she’s already fully given in. They make eye contact, and keep it. Locking eyes for the longest, he breaks the staredown only for a second to slide her drenched panties off and immediately caress her pussy with his tongue. Making sure so suck her clit like candy. Reaching up to hold her hand as he pleasures her. She obliges. Feeling a connection, but not able to realize it. He slid his hands slyly under her ass. Getting a good grip on her thighs, lifting her lower body up to his shoulders. As if feasting, he indulges himself. Gorging on her sweet juices.

She impulsively pulls him up to her face, kissing him passionately. He wraps his arms around her and kisses her like she’s his wife (if he had one). They seemed to take a break from fucking, to make love. Kissing each other, eyes closed tight, wrapped close in each other’s embrace. He quickly got his arm free and played with her clit. Easing in his index and middle finger into her pussy while his thumb flicked and rubbed her pearl.





Back on the dance floor…. The DJ began playing the top hits, putting on ‘Work’ by Rihanna & Drake .


“All my isles get on the floor, show some skin. All my buff tings get on the floor. All my diamonds, all the jawns, everyone get close and rub it nice and slow.” He said over the mic.


Jacquees Sunclique, He was in town tonight. He normally stayed away from Sauga-Sage. But wound up having to come check on the various clubs he owned littered around the city like cigarette butts on the streets. It’s not that he hated Sauga-Sage, he grew up here. But he wasn’t one for the drugs, partying, sex filled lifestyle that came necessary with living here. He stood leaning on the wall by the booths, he didn’t wish to partake in the dancing. Besides, the club looked fine to him anyways. His eyes surveyed the dancefloor in a bored, far-away gaze. Someone caught his eye, a girl. She looked at him devilishly, as if he caught hers as well. She strutted straight to him, locking eyes, looking him up and down, he grinned interested. Letting her take his hand and pull him to the dance floor. She smelled rich of natural cocoa butter and shea oil. Her sleek black skin was caramel and hot to the touch. She stopped somewhere in the middle of the floor and twerked on him leaning her head backward onto his shoulder. He loved the aura of her hair, it radiated coconut oil. He could tell it was real. He wrapped his arms around her and let her dance on him. Usually he was against this, women coming up to him trying to get in nice. But he felt under a spell by her beauty, or perhaps by her intoxicating essence.



Back in the bedroom…. He lifted her legs to his shoulders, putting his dick in nice and slow. Both of them tired of waiting, tired of teasing, she was wet and ready. His dick felt like it was penetrating a dam. She twitched and convulsed, at first he was alarmed but then he calmed down. She liked it, biting her lip, she whispered how deep he was. He started off slow, sliding it in and out plainly, letting her feel every inch of him. Looking into her eyes, staring lustfully into her soul. As if trying to see the very innocence he was taking. He leaned in closer and brushed his face close to her cheek. Thrusting himself slowly into her rhythmically. Quietly groaning in her ear, in response to her soft gasps. She grabbed the back of his head and parted her legs further, letting him take all the love out of it. Giving him permission to villainize himself, and abuse her pretty. Little. Pussy.



Back to the dancefloor… The pace of the entire dancefloor had changed. The DJ played some more of the new artist from earlier. He put on a slow, sultry R&B jam called ‘Leia’s Interlude’ . Sunclique had ordered the DJ to dim the lights to make it more sensual, no doubt to set the mood for his hot admirer on the dancefloor. They were practically conjoined as they slowly moved to the music, his arms wrapped around her waist sinking his fingers into her leggings, so as to get a good grip on those slim thighs. Her ass rubbed against his penis, making it more erect with every grinding motion than the last. Her hair cloaked his chin and lower lip. The smell of her wonderful hair put him in a trance along with the hypnotique of the song. His brow lowered, his eyes closed, and he kissed her cheek, rubbing his low-trimmed beard across her face. She enjoyed it. His facial hair was soft and neat, his lips felt like silk cotton. And she nearly lost control of her legs when his dick reached full erection, and protruded in between her luscious cheeks. She was practically dripping down her legs. Which were shaking, but she wasn’t alone in ecstatic euphoria. He was hoping she wouldn’t notice the beads of sweat on his forehead, his subtle lip biting, and the escaping breaths with each whiff of her beautiful essence.


Neither of them could take it anymore. She guided him towards the stairs, where the private rooms were.


Meanwhile Kasey cried out in ecstasy, his face was soaked in something wet, a mixture of her sweet juices, water to keep him hydrated, and sweat from the hard work he was putting in. Kasey’s face was no different, he hadn’t cum yet so instead her face was drenched in sweat and water. She grabbed him around his thighs to help him keep going, as he slowly but steadily pounded her from the missionary position. Shoving his manhood in and out of her, she bit her lips with each thrust. She could feel him coming to a climax, by this time she was beyond screaming and moaning loudly, she was used to it by now. She could take it, she let him go, she let him destroy her innocence, and spray the evidence all over her gorgeous face. He flopped down beside her like a man beaten to a pulp. She licked as much of him off her lips and face as she could, wiped away the rest with the pillow under her head. She wouldn’t need it, her pillow laid right beside her, but as she snuggled underneath him, feeling his warmth and embrace. He became more than just a pillow, as he lifted his arm to pull her closer to his bare body she felt it, he was now her owner, her rock, her protector, and in an odd way… her master. She belonged to him now, but in the most romantic of ways possible. And she loved it, every inch of it.



Sunclique shut the door behind him, and instantly ripped his clothes off in a hurry, so as not to let her take her own clothes off. He ripped off her crop top and tore her leggings in half. She half expected him to push her on the bed. But he sulked away towards his bluetooth speaker, turning it on repeat. He played “Summer’s Over Interlude”. And lumbered towards her, not taking his eyes off her. She surveyed his body, caressing it like a sculpture, she slid her soft, gentle hands to the back of his head as he got in between her, grabbing two big handfuls of Jacquees’ curly hair, and lifted her head towards the ceiling, pretending it was the beautiful night sky of Moonlight City. It was nights like these she was no stranger to, but it was nights like these that she loved Moonlight City. It was nights like these she loved to take in everything Sauga-Sage City had to offer.

It was nights like these where she felt like a little girl again, Jacquees held her by the hair and looked deep into her eyes, something she wasn’t used to. Sunclique could see it in her eyes he had her confused, he took it slow, that’s how he liked it, nice and slow. Like the tentative tongue kisses he laid on her neck, that slid down to her chest. Trailing down her chest to her pussy. He hissed as he sucked on her tiny clit.

Jacquees was no stranger to being the teacher in sexual encounters. He often showed these girls experiences they had never dreamed of. This night was no different. No different at all.


The dance floor downstairs was illuminated in rose pink lights. The people on it were illuminated by the lights coming from the perimeter of the room and the lights underneath the titles, their drinks showed the reflection of what they’d become. As the DJ played his slow mix (“Why” by Roy Woods). The women wore scantilous clothing, the men were too gone off cognacs and moscato to comprehend anything other than their gender counterparts. And as Roy Woods crooned out his melodies they got closer. Lips touched, bodies rubbed against one another. Same as Sunclique’s body pushed and thrusted against the girl’s throbbing pussy, killing her with each slow, hard push inside of her.

This scene was just like the others across Sauga-Sage. All by Jacquees’ design, with a few privately owned exceptions of course. This party would go on hours after the club closed, and no one could do anything about it, slaves to their own lustful nature, only guided towards embracing it for this one night by influencers and downers. Who would even notice?

Upstairs, the man watched Kasey walk her thick, bouncy ass to the bathroom. Her ass jiggled every step she’d take. He laid back simply watching, totally vulnerable to her, but merely observant.

Meanwhile, Jacquees had taken a break from fucking his girl for the night, he had already came all over her but was not content with merely getting his issue off and leaving her high and dry. She knew this routine, and appreciated it. She licked his seed off her lips and wiped the rest on off her face and used it to lubricate herself. She made him sit with his back against the wall opposite of her. Across the room, she strutted into the bathroom, Sunclique followed as soon as he heard the shower come on. She still made sure he sat far away from her, luckily the bathroom was big.

He sat against the wall and watched her rinse off, totally visible to him, with the fog from the hot water only making her seem more eerie and sexy. She took the shower head massager off its hook and pleasured herself with it. Looking him dead in the eyes. Sunclique didn’t bother to play with himself, he just watched, as if looking at an art show… or a stripper. It didn’t take her long to close her eyes and focus solely on the task at hand. She rubbed the massager up and down her clit, thankful it had different speeds on it she switched it routinely. Making sure to surprise herself every few seconds.


Her moans filled the room, the only other noise audible was the faint booming of the music downstairs in the club. He watched as she slowly came to her climax, gripping on the handle of the glass door for dear life. Immediately after she dropped the massager, walking a bit off balance over to him, she didn’t clean herself off.

She knew he’d want to do it for her, rubbing her finger through his hair, he licked her sweet juices off her pussies lips and ate her vigorously. She smiled to herself, just like it, his dick was back hard and at full attention. Eyeing the bottle of Barefoot Pink Moscato on the bathroom counter, she knew it would be a long night.



We exit them now, we take our slow stride downstairs to get one last view of the club. Everyone is close, looking through drunken, and some even rolled back eyes at the smooth, dizzy world around them. We’ll let them have their sex, have their fun. Some will attempt to drive home, some will overdose due to the massive intake of sexual drugs taken tonight, some might even make it out this club, and hopefully this city alive. But from what we know, from what we’ve seen, it’ll take a lot for those who do survive. Not to say at all that this city is cursed or has some supernatural feel to it. But recognizing the grip this place has on all who inhabit it. The spell of drugs, and sex entrap all who stay, even for a night. And largely this is the doing of Jacquees Sunclique. But we will see this some other time. For now we depart the Moonlight City NightClub. It is just now a few hours shy of dawn, the purple haze of the sky looms over us. As all things bad loom over those it victimizes.



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