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Hi welcome to another segment of Review Square, and Happy Friday everyone.

I’m going to go over a book written by Mark Anth, and I felt privileged and delighted to read one of his releases called Painterest. It’s a story that regards to an artist named Sadie, who has a wonderful passion to paint finds a new way to get more followers to a social network site Pinterest. With the then need to gain more followers, Sadie’s husband Billy offers to help her by being her human canvas for her to paint on – body painting.


When Sadie reluctantly takes his offer, she later discovers that she has gained more followers, and her success takes a turn for the better, where they develop a newfound erotic adventure for each other.


It’s a very good book; not bad for Mark Anth’s first time release. He, not to say loosely, painted a story that was not only enjoyable, but very sensual. Mark Anth, created the kind of intimacy between Sadie and Billy. How he painted the story showed that body painting is sensual and adventurous, providing creativity from the author’s point of view.


Even the cover was worth getting. It’s a bit simple, and maybe I would suggest something more sensual, but it wasn’t that bad. I’m going to give him a Gold Read (4 Stars). I do smell potential from this author.


The heat level in the story is sensual, and there were good descriptive scenes he put in the story. Remember, the golden rule of writing erotica – to arouse the reader. There were no euphemisms or overuse of climatic scenes in the story. It was dead on. The author did a good job painting an erotic scene. Four Flames. Great work!


The suspense to the story was playful. I could see Mark Anth coming across with something adventurous and creative here. He displayed a hint of versatility, where he could come up with another story and display another form of creativity between his characters. This author knows how to have fun.


You could pick up his copy of Painterest on:

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