AfterDark Online May Consider to Reinstate the Story Submissions Page









In November 2015, for the first time ever, AfterDark Online has removed the story submissions in order to move forward in a more magazine-like website. Even though, there had been some successes to removing the story submission page, AfterDark Online had begun losing its readership, but we’ve realized that what made AfterDark Online popular was the short erotic stories, and we’re hoping to revamp the story submission site as a decision is being considered, whether to re-instate it in August or October, around the time of the sixth anniversary.


There had been some trial and errors, but we know what practically works, while we want to support a number of authors, and we’re also considering hosting a workshop, where we could help aspiring authors ways to write erotic stories and be taken seriously. Over last year, there was a flood of horrible stories that were submitted, which never made it to publications We feel that a workshop should be necessary to teach author from being a rank amateur to professional writer, but all this is being taken into consideration at the moment. In addition, we are looking to host contests for authors of erotica.


Our purpose is to entertain and educate, and this is what was missing from AfterDark Online. We love to post reviews and host new releases, including interviews and more, but what is missing from AfterDark Online is the erotic stories, and we are debating whether we should re-instate story submissions around August or October.


We will fill you on the further details, as to when we will re-instate the story submission page. Thank you for being patient and part of the AfterDark Online family.

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