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Welcome, to get started, why don’t you tell us about yourself and the genre you write?


I am Don Abdul, an award winning poet and published author of erotic romance in my mid-40s.



How long have you been writing, and what inspired you to write the genre you love?


My journey as an author started as a teenager when I discovered creative writing as an escape from the dullness of small town life. My deeply rooted love for writing eventually led me into the world of sizzling erotica where I have established himself as a poet of note and author of sizzling erotic romance stories.



How many books have you published? Also what kind of support do you receive with your passion?


To date, I have three critically acclaimed erotic poetry books to my credit. This is in addition to sixteen erotic romance books.

Three of my sixteen works of erotic fiction have been published under the Nom de plume, Tyrese Jordan.


I have received tremendous support from my friends and fellow writers, publishers, and most importantly, my readers over the years. Of all these, the biggest support is the one I receive daily all year round from my loyal and dedicated and very loving street team, Don Abdul’s Sexy Cougars, which is led by the amiable PA, Kendall Blackburn Barnett, my sexy blonde fairy.



How many books have you written so far, and which of them did you find to be the most and those that were very challenging?


Oh dear, to date I have written nineteen published books. Eighteen were written solely by myself,  and the nineteenth, Time for Justice, is part of a sci-fi anthology.


Every book I have written so far has thrown up its own unique challenges, but I accept that as part of the creative process and deal with it. The common thread though is in the area of doing research for each book. It is most challenging to decide what to put in and what to leave out without detracting from the essence of the story or making it too plastic and academic.




Describe the kind of audience you want to aim for? How do you define your style unique from others?


I aim for the discerning reader of erotic romance who appreciates a good plot and believable characters that they can relate to.


I believe I am unique from others in the sense that my erotica books are not only a masturbation aid, but also a timeless piece of entertainment that a reader can read over and over and still find something to enjoy in it.



When you write, are you more character-driven or story-driven? Also, do you aim for realism or just fiction?


Let’s put it this way, I believe in a very good story plot, but I certainly believe the characters should tell their own story. This is why I have never succeeded in foretelling the word count for any of my books.

Whereas I write erotic fiction, I love to mirror reality in certain aspects of the characters’ lives and the story in order to securely anchor the context of events and outcomes in the story.



Tell us about your current release Lustfully Yours? When was it released?


My most recent release is Lustfully Yours, my third erotic poetry book. It was released on Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2016 by Bitten Press LLC.


Do you have a little excerpt teasers to share, so our readers could get an idea?


Yes indeed: Here is a teaser:

Lustfully Yours Banner

And a Review:

Lustfully Yours Review Banner

What other projects are you currently working on, and what do you expect readers to hear about you in the near future?

I have a new release in the pipeline. The book is titled CHECKMATE, and it should drop in early August 2016.

Here is a little taste of what CHECKMATE promises:

Checkmate Cover Reveal

And a Teaser too:


Checkmate Banner 1

One more:

Checkmate Banner 2

I have a new release in the pipeline. The book is titled CHECKMATE, and it should drop in early August 2016.

Here is a little taste of what CHECKMATE promises:

Is there any advice you could give to others that want to get into writing?


So you want to be a writer, uh? Well, focus on the journey, the destination will take care of itself. The focus of the journey is read, read, write, read some more, write, and keep moving on. Rejection letters are just a fact, not the truth. You can avoid them by self publishing.



Where can readers purchase your books?


My books are available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.


Amazon US

Amazon UK




Thank you so much for coming on here, and we hope to see you on here again. Before we go, where can readers find you (i.e blogs, websites, social network links)?


My stalking sites are:


Facebook Author Page:

Facebook Intrepid Poet Don Abdul:

Don Abdul Amazon page…/ref=la_B00IVVWXXC_rf_p_n_feature_br…








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