Review Square: Ditching The Dream by Isabelle Peterson (@IzzyKPeterson)

Happy Friday, everyone. I’m pleased to go into another segment of Review Square, where today I’m going to talk about a book written by a unique author, Isabelle Peterson and one of her releases Ditching The Dream, part one of the installment to the Dream Series. It was a carefully crafted book about a woman who’s lived a perfect life in the Napa Valley area, and she leaves her husband of twenty years to discover who she really is. The character, Elizabeth Fairchild, has had it all but one thing – independence. She, however, didn’t leave her husband, but she soon finds herself involved with two men; one from her home state in Colorado, the other is a southern gentleman with the hots for her. Just when she thought she could keep it simple, she gets herself into a complicated situation, and it is now up to Elizabeth to choose her fate.


To be honest, when I was given this book and told about the word length, I was really hesitant and turned off, because in the past I had purchased a couple of books that were over 100k words with nothing but pure boredom, but not Isabelle Peterson. I was really amazed at how she kept the story flowing, and while I’m more about the story-driven than just character-driven in the story, I was impressed by Isabelle Peterson’s style. She gave only enough to keep me interested and didn’t over-explain unlike some authors. She got the point of the story, and she crafted her character really well. There was a mixture of things I enjoyed. I’m going to give it a Platinum Read (5 Stars). A very good story with a nice flow.


The heat level in the story was okay, but I’m not into raising tension and lowering tension on sex scenes, to be honest. There were some mild descriptives, but I could also understand why the author used the flow heat levels in the story, and there were some enjoyable scene there, but for now I’ll give it 3 Flames.


When I want to measure up the suspense level in the story, I have to say it was good. I first worried about boredom in the story, and throughout the middle I almost felt strayed away, but at the end I like the way she left a continuation for the rest of her series, and I will rate the suspense level as enjoyable. This was a good book, and I could imagine this first installment of the series in a motion picture. It had a cinematic taste to it, and this author has great potential.


You can pick up her copy of Ditching The Dream, and the rest of her Dream Series on

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  1. Thank you so much for your review!
    (By the way – I’m also a screenplay writer 😀 )

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