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I’m delighted to welcome all of you to the next stop on the blog tour celebrating the release of Finding My Highlander. My thanks to for hosting me today.

I hope you enjoy the new excerpt taken from Chapter Four.


Kendrick followed Andra and watched her from a slightly concealed position beside the horses. The sky was turning a pale shade of violet-gray as night shifted to dawn. When her arms reached to pull on her shirt, he noticed a large bruise that wrapped around her side and across her back. No wonder she had winced when he’d held her in his grip during yesterday’s ride. However, she’d never complained, cried, or resorted to hysterics. Not exactly true, but she had exerted some effort at self-control, which spoke well of her strength. The image of last night, when she’d curled her heated body against Lorne’s, flashed to mind. He recognized this method of treating severe chills, but never imagined a woman would expose herself in such a manner.

31st May 2016 AleighaSiron girl caveWatching her dress, he admired her firm body, long legs, and rounded backside as she pulled on a pair of snug-fitting trews over bewitching pink-blush undergarments so outrageous his sword rose in salute. Everything fit tightly to her body like a second skin. Standing about five and a half feet tall, she was leanly muscled with full breasts and soft curves. Burnished gold and auburn glints streaked her thick, brown hair, still tangled and disheveled from sleep. Its glossy mass spilled just past the fragile wing bones in her smooth back. He felt lecherous staring at her, but couldn’t turn away. His hands tingled with the imagined feel of her silky skin and hair.

Wearing no chemise, or underlying petticoats, she shook and dusted off the slim-fitted, long, black skirt and pulled it over the trews. She laced up a fine pair of short leather boots and slipped on a fitted leather jerkin. Though fully covered, Andra’s clothing molded scandalously over her breasts, hips and all other body parts. Perhaps it was a new French or Dutch style, both often scandalous.

“Scandalous be damned,” he growled low in his throat, his manhood firming as he watched her wiggle into her clothes. Her beauty and tantalizing figure rattled him. A primal urge flowed through his veins, and swamped him with a yearning he dared not name.




On a windswept cliff above San Francisco Bay in 2013, 27 year-old Andra Cameron, the last member of her family, prepares to scatter her family’s ashes to the wind. An earthquake catapults her to the Scottish Highlands in 1705. She wakes, aching and bloody, to the sound of horses thundering through the trees. Terrified and with no other options, Andra accompanies these rugged warriors. She can’t deny the undeniable attraction that ignites between herself and the handsome but gruff Kendrick. Will she trust him to provide protection in the harsh reality of 18th century Scotland and with her secret, or will she find a way to return home to the 21st century?

Laird Kendrick MacLean and his men, escaping a recent skirmish with their worst nemeses, clan Cameron and their Sassenach allies, are shocked to find an injured, unprotected female in their path. How could she not know her kin and how had she landed in the middle of the wilderness alone? His men suspect she’s a spy or a witch. Still, Kendrick will not abandon an injured woman, even if she speaks unusually accented English, and her name is Cameron. Will he ransom her to others or will their closed hearts open to each other? Although he questions her every utterance, this feisty, outspoken woman inflames his desire like no other.

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After more than twenty years writing and delivering management and other training programs for modest-sized to Fortune Five Hundred companies, and ten years developing community crisis-intervention training programs, Aleigha turned her writing efforts to her first loves, fiction, and poetry.  Her poetry has appeared in numerous anthologies and university presses over the past few decades.  Following a difficult period in her life, she discovered solace in romance novels that inspired her to write in this genre.  As she says, “who doesn’t desire a guaranteed happy-ever-after scenario?” Always interested in the concept of time-travel, she knew her first few stories would follow that theme.

When not writing, her trusty four-legged companion/helper, Strider, accompanies her on sunset walks along the shore. During these quiet walks under an expansive sky, with the whoosh of waves across the sand and her gaze drifting over the rolling sea, her best glimmers of inspiration come to mind.  Following the recent discovery of distant Scottish ancestors, she embarked on a trip to the Highlands. Although she had already developed the characters for Finding My Highlander, her trip to the Highlands enriched the characters and enhanced the story direction. This is her first full-length romance novel.  Aleigha is working on a prequel to Finding My Highlander, and another time-travel novel set in a later period.

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