Review Square: Alenka by Katarina Bukowski

Happy Friday everyone. It’s the eve of the Memorial Weekend in the U.S., and today on Review Square I’m going to share my review of the book written by Katarina Bukowski – Alenka.


Now the story begins in the late 17th century, where the Dutch Master created a painting of his lifetime, only to be sold far abroad with no ownership, but during World War II, when Budapest was under Nazi occupation the painting was rediscovered and then stolen, where it re-appears in 1992, setting the motion for a Canadian Businessman, Robert, and his twenty-one year old mistress, Alenka in 2015, where she experiences a sexual awakening from the painting.


Author Katarina Bukowski did set a good motion in the story. I have to say it was pretty good, and the story didn’t lose any flow. There was an interesting tale to the story, and the way she put the chronological order of the story fit really well. The story was well-written and very sensual. It’s a very good book. Gold Read (4-Stars).


As far as the heat level in the story, this author has the capability of writing something really erotic Four Flames. She is talented. Although, I was turned off by the use of euphemism to describe the sexual nature between characters, there was a good flow in the story that didn’t go completely out of whack. I must advise the author to be sensually descriptive, not clinically descriptive, because you want to arouse the reader without having to turn them off, and there were several events in the story that almost turned me off, but I was glad to keep on with the story.


As far as the suspense level in the story, Katarina Bukowski did deliver a good story. It was very enjoyable from the beginning to the end. This author has the potential, but as far as I know this is the beginning of her writing career, and I hope to see this author flourish in the future.


Good job!


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