Review Square: Carnal Recovery by Victoria Bright (@authorvictoriab)

Happy Friday. It’s time for another segment of Review Square. Today, I’m happy to get into a book written by Victoria Bright – Carnal Recovery;  a wonderful BDSM story about a woman named Gia Valencia, who is a sex therapist by day but a dominatrix by night.


Gia Valencia was sentenced to court-ordered therapy after sending one of her submissive to the hospital from a severe injury. It was then she revealed one of her darkest moments in her life; something so painful she never thought she would tell it Xavier – her colleague.


When Xavier offered her to finish her court-ordered therapy by assisting him at a marriage retreat, Gia will learn something about Xavier like never before. He too was a dominant, but as the two fought mentally about being the dominance. Gia’s taste of control is compromised when she falls in love with someone that understands her.


First of all, I want to say, thank you Author Victoria Bright for creating such a wonderful novel. It was not only a well-written novel, but a book that kept me interested from page one to the end. I love the flow of the story, which had some drama, comedy, and of course sex scenes inside. While I must warn of a rape scene in the story, I will say it is one of the best books I’ve read, and the author went straight to the point and kept the story interesting. Usually, when I’m asked to read their books, I’m finding something very cliché, with the Sex and The City stuff (respectively). This wasn’t anything like it; nor did it resemble Fifty Shades of Grey. This was truly a work created by Victoria Bright. It’s definitely a Platinum Read (5 Stars).


The heat level in the story was very descriptive (Four Flames). If you’re going to write an erotic story, be as graphic as possible; most importantly arousing, because that is why we read erotic romance, it’s not for the characters or just the story itself, but for the enjoyment of arousal. Victoria Bright never skipped a beat there – thank you! She kept the scenes very hot and steamy, and in the scenes there was a wonderful sexual connection between Gia and Xavier.


The suspense level of the story was very enjoyable. This wasn’t just one-sided, where the reader wants you to understand the character. She kept the story moving to understand the plot of the story. When an author focuses on the flow of the story, the characters come along very nicely, where she didn’t over-explain her story. She did mentioned to her what happened to Gia when she was young, but she didn’t put it all in the beginning, which I really liked. Author Victoria Bright explained bits and pieces of her character in different segments in her story. This is why I wasn’t bored, but very amused, and I have to give this book a great recommendation.


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  1. Thanks so much for the amazing review! Love it!

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