Review Square: Naughty Reunions Box Set

Hi. Welcome to another segment of Review Square. It’s April 1st, and I’m looking forward to host first review for Spring 2016. Today, I’m going into a box set that I had to read, which was compiled by a series of authors called Naughty Reunions – Return to Romance.


This box set consist of nine erotic stories, ranging from m/f to m/m, f/f, BBW, paranormal, shape-shifter, and much more in the book.


When I read first took a look at the book, there were some stories that were great. I have to say the writing and grammar were great, but there were some that didn’t appeal to me.


Of my favorites, were Silent Sky by Regina Kammer, Back In Your Arms by Marianne Stephens, and My Cup Runneth Over by Francesca Hawley. Out of all, the best was Silent Sky, because it was a story that took place on a tragic day, 9/11, and the thoughts of losing the one she love was a great feel into the story.


When I read Homeward Bound, written by Alexa Silver, an m/m story that I was having mixed feelings, particularly because I felt impatient reading it. I wanted the story to grab me, it was okay in the beginning of the story, but I almost lost interest throughout the story. It wasn’t bad, but I was looking for something with an extra ‘oomph’ like the first story.


Lady Esther by Berengaria Brown wasn’t too bad; good f/f regency story, but this was a story I also wanted the story to move on more.


Renovating the Relationship by Katerine Kingston was pretty good. I like the flow of the story that had me going about Brad’s ex, Dani.


Part 2: The Wyndmaster’s Homecoming by Charlotte Boyett-Compo was a pretty good book. I liked the ending, but I felt somewhat uninterested through the middle of the story.


Back in your Arms by Marianne Stephens was a good romance story. I really can’t knock this piece. It was well-written and good, and I should’ve rated it as one of my favorites.


My Cup Runneth Over by Francesca Hawley was a very good read, about a man’s premonition from a tarot card reading causing him to make the foolish decision by casting the love of his life away, and now years later on he meets the woman of his dreams at a wedding event, and now he will have to work out what happened that night.


Ocean Dreams by Suz DeMello wasn’t a bad story, but I had to re-read it over again to get a better understanding.


Take Me Home by Nicole Austin is a shape-shifter story about lioness that was outcasted over an incident she had no control over. It was an interesting story, but to be honest, shape-shifters weren’t much of my forte, but I’ll give this a good rating.


Overall, I will have to give this book a Silver Read (3-Stars), only because I had mixed feelings about the stories in the book. There were some that were good, and some that didn’t appeal to me as I hoped. I guess what I was really looking for was something that was equally good as the first story, which left quite an impression. While the box set was well-crafted by these authors, I only found a few that I liked.


The heat level in the story was good. Yet, some didn’t have any heat levels, since the box set was a mixture from sweet to erotic, but I would give a recommend for this box set, since the suspense level were very entertaining and there were game-changing in the end.


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