Review Square: Hopeless Vows by Rachel Duncan

Happy Friday. It’s time for another segment of Review Square, and today, I’m going to get into a book written by Rachel Duncan’ Hopeless Vows. It’s a story about a woman named Jillian, who lives a professional life, agrees to go on a reality TV show for eight weeks as she marries a complete stranger by the name of Austin. Jillian has no idea about this man she marrying, but she was willing to go through it. The marriage was arranged by a group of show producers and their privacy is now compromised by being on camera, for the world to see how their marriage is progress. In the end, it is up to her if she wants to stay married to him or not, despite the amount of secrets that lie between Jillian and Austin.


It’s not a bad story. In fact, it’s pretty good. Rachel Duncan wrote a good story. Although, her style of stories doesn’t appeal to me much, I have to say it’s a good book, worth reading. I felt there was some over-explanation in the scenes, but it wasn’t at all too bad. I enjoyed the story. So I’m going to give it a Gold Read (4-Stars).


There wasn’t any heat level to rate, other than Two Flames, since Author Rachel Duncan wrote a sweet romance in the story. However, she was good in giving some intimacy in the story.


When it comes to the suspense, I have to say it wasn’t bad, but I felt there was too much over explanation about her daily activities. It did have scenes that were mysterious and interesting. It’s not particularly for me, since I love a scene that has some more comedy and raunchiness in the sex scenes, but I must say Rachel Duncan is a potential author who can make it far. Make no mistake about it.


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