Friday, March 11th, 2016


Review Square: Hopeless Vows by Rachel Duncan

Happy Friday. It’s time for another segment of Review Square, and today, I’m going to get into a book written by Rachel Duncan’ Hopeless Vows. It’s a story about a woman named Jillian, who lives a professional life, agrees to go on a reality TV show for eight weeks as she marries a complete stranger by the name of Austin. Jillian has no idea about this man she marrying, but she was willing to go through it. The marriage was arranged by a group of show producers and their privacyRead More

Guest Spot: Anne E. Johnson – Things from Other Worlds

BOOK INFORMATION TITLE – Things from Other Worlds AUTHOR – Anne E. Johnson GENRE – Children’s literature / science fiction PUBLICATION DATE – October, 2015 LENGTH (Pages/# Words) – 84 pages PUBLISHER – Anne E. Johnson COVER ARTIST – James for BOOK SYNOPSIS Many strange things wait inside these pages. There’s a fuzzy ball of kindness, camped out on a grumpy man’s porch. A chewed piece of gum with a mind of its own. A smart Alec who actually stands in line twice when they’re handing out brains. ARead More

Cover Reveal: Ocean by Jo Raven

    TITLE: OCEAN ( DAMAGE CONTROL 5) AUTHOR: JO RAVEN MODEL: Marc-André Laparé PHOTOGRAPHER:Paul Henry Serres        Let me state upfront that I started out a normal kid – playing video games, skinning my knees and vying for my parents’ attention. Until I got my wish and then wished I fucking hadn’t. I got their attention all right, and everything went to hell. I tried to protect my younger brother from the fallout. Lied to him about how bad things were. But it wasn’t enough. And when the accident happened,Read More