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Happy Friday, everyone. It feels good to post another review on Review Square, and today I’m going to get straight into a book written by C.A. Bell, called Sex, Lies, and Sinful Wives. Five short erotic stories from a sinful wife perspective.


In the first story, Reverend James Ashworth, Author C.A. Bell created a story about a woman’s desire for a priest. When the priest gives in to temptation, things go wickedly wrong.


The second’s story, You Get What You Pay For, displays a very erotic lesbian scene with a masseuse, with a hell of a twist at the end.


Hunters, is a story that takes place at a BDSM club, where the husband wife meets a woman who’s willing to give them a show in a private room.


Seducing a Jury, a story about her husband facing jail time for a robbery he actually committed, but in order to get him off, she’ll have to come on to the jury foreman to acquit him. What she’ll learn in the end would be very shocking.


Naughty Neighbors, the final story about a married couple sharing a morning of passion, and they soon realize their neighbor was spying on them, during the time they were having sex.


What can I say about this book? Absolutely wonderful! This was a breath of fresh air to read five stories with a hell of a twist. Author C.A. Bell had me glued to the book from start to finish, and they were easy to understand. I’m loving this author! She’s creative and erotic, and she knows how to show a story!


Congratulations, girl! You get a Five Star rating (Platinum Read).


The sex scenes in the story were what I was looking for – descriptive. When you write a sex scene, you show your scenes; arouse your readers as they read along. I was intrigued at C.A. Bell’s writing on the lesbian scenes; very erotic, but her best strength is the touch of BDSM, where she doesn’t go to extreme, but gives it just enough to intrigue me. Great job! Four Flames.


The suspense level in the story is good enough, guaranteeing the reader that they wouldn’t get bored. I could read this over and over again, because I love the way Author C.A. Bell wrote it, and I must say girl, keep writing that work.


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