Birthday Girl by Daddy Dom Ash


 I decided that for my birthday I wanted to write birthday smut, so here’s some birthday smut for you horny assholes who are probably sitting in bed in the dark reading this


Of all the days in the year, this one had to be her favorite. It was her birthday, and of course, as Daddy’s little girl was spoiled to no end, that meant one thing, and one thing only — presents. So like the good little girl she was, there she sat, patiently waiting for daddy to return. She had been under strict instructions, and she most certainly had no intentions of breaking them. At least that’s what she told herself.

She could still hear him in her head, “Now princess, Daddy left your presents in Luke’s car and has to go get them. So what you’re gonna do while I’m gone, is sit right here on this bed.” At which point he lifted her up from her position at his feet and placed her on top of the covers. “You’re gonna sit here, and wait for Daddy to come back. You’re not gonna get off the bed. You’re not gonna touch yourself. You’re just gonna sit like the pretty little peach you are, and that is all. And when Daddy comes back, then we can open your presents. Okay, baby?”

And she vigorously nodded, of course, promising Daddy that she was a good girl, even though they both knew she wasn’t, and watched as he walked off and out the bedroom door, eventually hearing the faint echo of the front door open and close. Twenty minutes later she was still sitting in that spot on the bed, on top of the soft sheets, humming to herself, and wiggling her painted pink toes, trying to keep herself occupied with anything but the thought of Daddy. But he was just taking sooo long, and she could feel herself start to get all tingly with anticipation, so in the effort to not completely defy Daddy, and soothe herself at the same time, she began to just simply rub her thighs together hoping that it would do something for her.

Unfortunately for this little one, that was not the case, and her efforts were proving mostly useless, until finally she just decided that she didn’t care if she got the paddle for touching herself (in fact, she knew she really wanted it), and started to toy her fingers the one place Daddy has specifically told her not too. She didn’t get very far, but could feel her breathing pick up, and her wetness become undeniable, when she heard the front door click open and like the sneaky little thing she was, instantly pulled her hand away from herself, wiping it on the side of the bed, and resuming good girl position just before Daddy walked back into the room.

He smirked a little when he saw her sitting there, all pretty, and poised, and pink to the bone. Sitting there, just waiting for him, eyes full of false innocence, and masked lust, and somewhere in there love, though now was most certainly not the time for that.

“Hey, princess,” he said, walking over to her, bag of goodies in hand.

She giggled a little as he sat down on the bed, and pulled her into his lap, starting to kiss all over her face, “Hi, Daddy.”

He pulled back, kissing her nose one last time before he said, “I have some stuff for your princess, okay. So do Daddy a favor, and close your eyes for him.”

Naturally, she did as told, not really knowing what to expect, but still excited nonetheless. She heard him fiddle with the bag for a second, and then finally felt something against her neck. She almost flinched, but she trusted Daddy entirely, and knew he would never do anything to harm her. When she finally realized what he had just done was strap on a collar, she almost broke into a smile. They drop the whole little girl/daddy thing outside the bedroom for the most part, but she did remember one day at dinner not all that long ago, they were sitting in the kitchen, eating spaghetti, when the topic of a collar came up. Ash had briefly asked her a few questions about it, and how she would feel if they got one, and she was unsurprisingly eager as ever, but from there that conversation mostly ended, and focused back on whatever it had been they were talking about before.

“Open your eyes, princess,” Complying the second he said that, she opened her eyes, a noticeable suppression of a smile on her lips, to find Ashton looking at her, leash to the collar wrapped around his hand. “Do you like your gift, baby?”

Once again she just nodded, finally allowing her smile to come through. She had yet to notice that the collar read “Daddy’s Girl” on it, but at this point, she didn’t really care to. All she knew was that she wanted this man’s tongue all over her, and she wanted it now. And as if reading her mind, Ashton quickly snapped her bra off, placed his princess in the middle of the bed, and began to kiss her. So much teeth, so much tongue, and the weight of his body on top of her felt like the beginning of something a lot more brutal than the exchange between the two had been just minutes before.

Leash still wrapped in one hand, the other making it’s way down her body. She let out the ghost of a whimper as he pinched her nipple, quickly removing his lips from hers to go take the other his mouth. Biting it a little bit, he looked up at her and smirked as she threw her head back. She was all his, and they both knew it. Sucking all over to the point of leaving her breast an array of purple and blue, he slapped the other one a couple times, groping and grabbing before continuing south.

The second he reached her messy wet princess parts, he immediately detached his lips from where they now were on her neck to look at her with stern eyes. Knowing exactly what was coming, she just kept her eyes big and bright, and looking like nothing was the matter.

In absolutely no mood to fuck around, Ashton in his scolding “daddy tone” kept her gaze and said, “What’s this, princess?”

In all her little girl glory, she replied, “What do you mean, Daddy?”

She knew that was gonna get her in a little bit more trouble than she was already in, and when Ashton furrowed his eyebrows, and tugged on her collar, bringing her up to him, he said, “You know what I mean, princess. You were touching yourself weren’t you?”

And with a fake gasp of horror, she immediately told him, “Of course not Daddy, I’m a good girl.”

But Ashton tugged lightly on the leash in a bit of warning, “Princess, what did Daddy tell you about liars?”

Quietly she replied, “That liars are bad girls.”

He nodded slowly, “And what happens to bad girls?”

Huffing, she looked down and said, “They get the paddle.”

Too which Ashton just nodded and said, “And that’s why you’re gonna get the paddle. Don’t move.”

Dropping the leash from his grip, Ashton got up and walked across the room, and opened the bottom drawer of their dresser. Going through the box of toys they kept in there, he swiftly pulled out the black paddle and walked back over to the bed where he sat down on the edge, quickly grabbing the end of her leash, signaling her to come to him. Crawling over to where Ashton sat at the edge of the bed, he grabbed her and tossed her over his knee.

She could have sworn his voice dropped an octave or two, because when he spoke next it was all grit and grain, and the roughness of it made the anticipation so much more unbearable, “Now princess,” He began, slow and seductive and smart, inching her panties down her legs until finally they were on the floor. “You’ve been a little too naughty lately. Touching your princess parts, even though you know that’s my job, and then lying to Daddy about it. Tsk, tsk, and to think you were a good girl. So here’s what we’re gonna do. You’re gonna lie there and count for me every time the paddle comes down, and I’m gonna keep smacking until I think you’ve learned your lesson.”

And before she even had the chance to reply, the first smack came down, hard and fast, quickly followed by another, and another, and the second she got your mouth to work, numbers were flying out of it, until she hit thirty — maybe forty — she wasn’t even sure at this point, and the smacks finally stopped. And she was a whimpering mess in such a masochistic mixture of pleasure and pain, and all she was waiting for now was Ashton to get things going again. Ashton just kind of dropped the paddle on the floor beside the bed, and rubbed his little girl’s red bottom for a minute before he finally pulled her up to face him and said, “Are you ready to be a good girl now?”

With a quiet, “Yes, Daddy,” the fun began again. And soon, she was back in the middle of the bed, Ashton pulling both her legs open, and kissing his way from her mouth to neck to tummy and thighs, nipping and licking and lapping so close to where she needed him to be, but so so far away. And as she was about to whine out a, “Please, Daddy, please,” he hungrily latched on to the one place she needed him most, and immediately released a moan, arching her back off the bed. And he showed no mercy, as he sucked on her sweet bits, flicking his tongue at her clit, driving her closer and closer to the edge. Fingers all tangled in Ashton’s moppy curls, the feel of his scruff on the inside of her thighs almost too much to handle, leaving her a sloppy mess of heavy breaths, melting whenever he would moan into her, until suddenly he pulled away. He moved straight to her mouth again, forcing her to taste herself on him, and deciding to strip himself of the clothes he was still wearing until he was bare and beautiful on top of her.

Typically, she’d return the favor to Ashton, but seeing as today was a special occasion, tonight was all about the princess. This left her with Ashton hovering over her, stroking himself until she took over, earning several grunts from a very ready Ash. After a minute, he grabbed her hand from off of him, and placing it above her head, quickly grabbing the other one and placing them next to each other, using only one of his hands to hold both of her wrists still. He looked at her for a moment, before leaning down to kiss her, pushing himself into her at the same time, earning a few profanities from them both.

He paused, giving her only a moment to adjust before he went at it full force. Face shoved into the crook of her neck, his pounding relentless, and the two just trying to hold on as long as they could.

She wrapped her legs around Ashton’s waist, trying to pull him as close to her as possible. The sound of grunting, and smacking, and “fuck daddy,” so loud and consuming, that there was nothing but it. And they were both so, so close, and she could feel Ashton twitching inside her, and his thrusts slow down, and she couldn’t stop clenching around him, until finally she came, Ash following just after, their screams probably enough to wake the whole neighborhood, and he collapsed on top of her. Just lying there covered in sex and sweat and breathing the other in, until finally he pulled his face from out of her neck, took off her collar, placed it on the nightstand, and said, “Happy Birthday, my love.”


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