Review Square: Dirty Bad Strangers by Jade West (@jadewestauthor)

Happy Halloween from AfterDark Online. It’s time for another segment of Review Square, and today I’m happy to get into the book written by author Jade West, Dirty Bad Strangers, a story about a phone sex operator, Gemma Taylor, with a filthy imagination to arouse her callers until she is aroused by a caller named Jason, and she breaks a number of rules of interacting with a caller, but he was too irresistible to say no to. What she doesn’t know is that Jason is a well-known soccer player, and he has a public image, where Gemma gets herself into much deeper, but fun trouble.


First of all, who is this author Jade West? I like her work. This book is really great; graphically detailed and interesting. I wasn’t bored from reading this book, and I like to read more from this author. I even like how the author was able to complicate things and make it erotic at the same time – a mixture of drama and erotic that is interesting.


This book is getting a Platinum Read (5 Stars), because I’m finding something unique in this story, and I’m loving the style of Jade West. I feel she had awoken the erotic sleeping giant with her dark erotic series. Great work!


The heat level to the story was very scorching. The author was able to get into the sexual details that were arousing. There were no shortcuts, and I love reading a good erotic story that gets straight to the point. Five Flames


The suspense level was very good, also interesting from the start. Like I said earlier, I was never bored reading this book. I have to recommend this read. It’s a must!

Dirty Bad Strangers Cover

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