Come Into My Boudoir by C.A. Bell (@cbellAtrix09)

Come into my boudoir, let me show you around,

What’s that you say? A box you’ve found?

Come into my boudoir, let me show you around,

For intriguing things are sure to be found.

What’s inside the box, did I hear you say?

Maybe I shall show you, but not today.

Show you now? I don’t think you ready,

Come on put it down, I’ve warned you already.

Why? What’s in it? Is it something deadly?

Your jokes aren’t funny, you’re just not ready.

For if you saw inside, I know what would do,

My kinky ways would shock, and maybe haunt you.

So I can’t show you yet, you’re bound to scurry,

I promise I won’t leave, there’s no need to worry.

Kind words prompt, and I twist the lock,

Now promise my dear, you’re not going to balk.

He crosses his heart, and hopes to die,

I open the lid, and he looks inside.

Fear shapes his mouth, and his face turns blue,

I told him he wasn’t ready, and neither are you.

Come into my boudoir if you’re as kinky as me,

For what’s inside my box, I’m sure you’ll agree,

Is sexy and filthy all rolled into one,

So how about it? Want to come and join the fun?

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