Author Interview with Rosemary Willhide

Today, we’re happy to feature an author of many interesting things, from acting to singing, and also a creative erotic novelist. From the author of Swept Away Series, we’re happy to have Author Rosemary Willhide for an interview.


Welcome Rosemary, and thank you for coming. I understand you have an anniversary, and AfterDark Online would like to extend its congratulations and a Happy Anniversary. To get started, why don’t you tell us a bit about yourself and the kind of genre you write?


Thank you for the anniversary wishes.


My husband and I live in Las Vegas with our adopted dog, Harley. We love it here. In addition to writing, I also teach nine fitness classes a week, Spin, Body Sculpt, and Zumba.


I write what I like to read, erotic romance with a lot of humor, heart and HEAT.


How long have you been writing, and what inspired you to begin writing?


After I read 50 Shades of Grey (three times), I wanted to read more books like that and I immersed myself in the genre. Then, I saw EL James on Katie Couric and she said she basically wrote her fantasy. That got me thinking about my fantasy, and off I went. So, I haven’t been writing all that long, just over two years. Up until the Swept Away Series, all I had written was the occasional interest email or snappy text message.


Tell us, how many books do you have published? Also, what kind of support do you have in your passion for creative writing?


Right now, I have three books published as e-books and paperback. They are all part of the Swept Away Series.

In June, I will be part of RIVER WALK. It’s ten kinky short stories with Al Daltrey and nine other fabulous female authors. I feel honored to be a part of this project.

As far as support, my husband deserves an award. He’s been my rock and is my go to tech guy as well.

I come from a large Catholic family. My parents have been great, but the rest of the family is a bit mixed in their reactions.

My publisher Kate Miles from Luminosity Publishing also deserves a medal. She took a chance on a newbie, a neurotic newbie at that.


How many books have you written so far, and which of them did you find the most fun to write, and those that were the most challenging?


I think the first book RUNNING AWAY TO HOME, was the most fun to write, because I was just writing it for myself and my girlfriends.

 The third book in the series, A WAY BACK, was the most challenging because I was promoting and writing at the same time. The distractions of Facebook and the daily business to attend to was overwhelming at times.

But also the support on Facebook is equally overwhelming in a good way. I owe a lot to my team, Nancy Pracht, Lisa Pichner, and Deb Anderson Sisler. Also, there’s a group called Hot BRR who are wickedly supportive in the best possible way. I’ve met some amazing people on this journey.



Tell us about your current release (name of book). How long did it take for you to write, and do you have any trivial pieces you wish to share in writing the story?


There are some true to life moments from the series. For example, my husband and I celebrate Naked Thanksgiving, just like Nia and Derek. (You’ll have to read A WAY BACK to found out just how much fun that is.)

Also, I’ve been known to enjoy some “Sven time.”



What other projects are you working on, and what do you expect readers to hear about you in the near future?


As I mentioned, RIVER WALK with author Al Daltrey is my next project. The name of our piece is, The Discover Ring. It’s about a wedding planner, Sylvie Hancock who discovers and unexpected simmering desire in her quest for an engagement ring from long time boyfriend, Jason Stein. STAY TUNED!



What advice could you give to other readers that want to get into writing?


My advice is only write if you have to. If there is a story that doesn’t let you sleep at night, then you must tell it.


You really have to love being in the writing cave and working your balls off.



Where can readers purchase your books?


I have one click shopping for you. Just head to my Amazon page.


Rosemary, thank you so much coming on here. We hope to see have you on here again. Before we go, where can readers look you up (i.e. websites, blog, or social networks)?


You can find me on Facebook:




Thanks for having me!


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