Author Interview with Ethan Radcliff

Today, on AfterDark Online, we feature an author who is also a sometime poet, Ethan Radcliff. We’re happy to have him joining us for an author interview.




Welcome Ethan, and thank you for coming? To get started, why don’t you tell us a bit about yourself and the kind of genre you write?


Hi. First thanks for having me. I write erotic romance and I dabble in all the genres.


How long have you been writing, and what inspired you to begin writing?


I’ve been writing poetry for years, the erotic stuff the last few years. I work full time and write to relax. Sounds a bit nuts, but my mind never stops with the stories. It was a family member that finally told me to put my insane stories to good use and write. And here I am.



Tell us, how many books do you have published? Also, what kind of support do you have in your passion for creative writing?


I have mmm, let’s see, eight books published and a book of erotic poetry. I guess I’m lucky, I get a great deal of support for my writing since I was coerced by a family member to write erotica. My lovely partner puts up with me and my crazies, when it comes to my writing.


How many books have you written so far, and which of them did you find the most fun to write, and those that were the most challenging?


So far I have 8 published books, but I am writing four more. Yeah my head is always full so I need to get my thoughts down on paper. Sometimes these characters interrupt what I’m doing and it can get busy up in my head. A Man of Honor which is a full novel is becoming a great deal of a challenge. He’s a US Marshal, but has a very dark side. So I need to be careful with his character making sure he stays within the limits of the law with his personal cravings.


The other challenge is my paranormal series. I have a 3rd…pushing at me…Jackal…talk about a guy wanting to have his story told….


Tell us about your current release – Tarnished. How long did it take for you to write, and do you have any trivial pieces you wish to share in writing the story?


Tarnished is my most recent release. Joe Murphy has been around since I was a kid. He finally came to the surface a few months ago. Now there’s more Joe Murphy pounding on my head…so…smiles….I guess we need more of him.



What other projects are you working on, and what do you expect readers to hear about you in the near future?


I’m working on another poetry book. Then a biker’s series. Um…then a period piece, Dark Desires. (not letting the cat out of the old bag there….again readers will be surprised at this one)



What advice could you give to other readers that want to get into writing?


First read and read all genres if possible. You never know where your mind will finally settle. Take all opinions seriously…not everyone will like what you write…so fish through…the comments and take note of those who care about what you’re doing.




Where can readers purchase your books?

Amazon, B&N Apple, Kobo, Inktera and Smashwords


Ethan, thank you so much coming on here. We hope to see have you on here again. Before we go, where can readers look you up (i.e. websites, blog, or social networks)?


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